The Digital Enquirer Kit enables our users to disable false news

Brazil, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Syria, Mauretania, Tunisia, Caribbean


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Estimated reach: 80 K people

Launch date: 09/2020

Status: Implemented

Project type: Education & media literacy, digital security

Purpose of Project

Learning on-the-go for journalists, civil society activists and human rights defenders

The Digital Enquirer Kit aims to empower people in essential roles to make the internet a safer space, giving them the tools to cut through misinformation and protect their online content. In today’s digital space, with an overwhelming amount of information readily available, the rapid spread of misinformation poses a global threat to both societies and individuals. The circulation of misinformation around COVID-19 is only one example of how false information can severely hamper public health, social cohesion and the functioning of democracies. In addition to empowering journalists, activists and human rights defenders, the project seeks to support local NGOs in establishing communities of practice, as well as provide civil society actors with materials on how to localize and create additional content. The Digital Enquirer Kit contains a total of six modules, made available through the e-learning platform and offered in eleven languages, easily accessible on mobile phones.

Local team


Peter Drahn

Advisor Sectoral
Human Rights

Daniela Divjak

Junior Advisor Sectoral Programme Human Rights

Laura Hartmann

Junior Advisor Sectoral Programme Human Rights

In a world where it has become harder to differentiate between fact and fiction, myth or truth, The Digital Enquirer Kit has become the much needed one stop shop to combating misinformation and disinformation. It was developed at a time when the world is battling COVID 19 & is inclusively cutting across the geographical and demographical differences by not only offering users diverse languages, but it has modules designed to cater for all minority needs at no and low cost. Thank You to the DEK Team.

Chido Valerie Sibalo Manayiti


Smart Facts

Facts about Digital Enquirer Kit

The project seeks to reach
80.000 user interactions
until the end of the project phase.

The DEK dissemination network counts
10 GIZ-country offices
and worldwide more than
250 local civil partners.

Until the end of 2021, the first four modules will be accessible in English on Module 1 and 2 will be available in 10 more languages.

The contents are data-light and even available in offline mode via atingi.

The modules feature creative formats, ranging from tutorials and quizzes to infographics and interactive games.

Users can customize their individual Digital Enquirer Kit experience from among
30 different bite-sized learning entities.