Matchmaking for health services is matching needs and capacities



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Status: Implemented

Project type: digitalization in the healthcare system

Purpose of Project

Strengthen the Peruvian healthcare system by matching patient needs with available services

Matchmaking Peru’s objective is to strengthen the Peruvian health care system through a digital platform that connects healthcare facilities and enables cooperation for better patient care. Despite being one of the first countries in Latin America to have taken far-reaching measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, Peru has the highest mortality rates, surpassing all neighbouring countries. One obstacle to optimizing health care capacities in the current crisis lies in the fragmented structure of the health system: Peru’s health system is strongly decentralized and divided into four subsystems. The main problem is that in a highly fragmented health care sector, it is not possible to assign and transfer patients across these subsystems to the appropriate healthcare facilities. Matchmaking Peru’s platform will help to solve this problem by enabling the “matching” of patients’ respective needs and the available services of health care facilities in geographical proximity and across subsystems. It will be developed as a complement to existing digital systems and will be free to use for Peruvian authorities.

Local team


Karem Salinas Camus

Project Coordinator

Smart Facts

Facts about Matchmaking for health services

Lima East has
2,491,856 inhabitants.

There are approximately
over 6,000,000 attentions
per year in Lima East.

Lima East has 4 Hospitals.

There are
80 Health Care Centers
in Lima East.

300 members of medical staff are already trained in the platform.