makes our virus
response go viral

Madagascar, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Haiti


Scaling to: Nigeria, Tunisia, and Senegal


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Estimated reach: 1.2 M people

Launch date: 10/2020

Status: Implemented

Project type: IVR Hotline on COVID-19 and related topics

Purpose of Project

Providing a free hotline for important knowledge, pre-recorded in local languages

CallvsCorona leverages mobile solutions to provide reliable COVID-19 information to a wider population. The project closes a critical gap in access to timely crisis information and sensitization messages necessary to overcoming the global pandemic. To spread this information effectively, CallvsCorona offers a toll-free hotline where callers can access pre-recorded audio messages in their local languages. The introduction of innovative media such as radio dramas and interactive audio games will also allow callers to access engaging COVID-19 information on demand via their mobile phones. Finally, CallvsCorona makes it possible for health authorities to train community health workers remotely. After a successful launch in Madagascar, CallvsCorona has been scaled to Malawi, Mozambique, Haiti, Zambia and Tunisia in phase 1, and currently being implemented in Nigeria and Senegal.

Local team


Patrick Zgambo

321 Project Manager Malawi

Joseph Robert Shelson Jacques

321 Product Manager Haiti

Margaret Sadrake

Country Manager Malawi

Rindra Loc Rabemananjara

Hybrid Program Manager Madagascar

Fabrice Romeo

Director of Programs Mozambique

Regine Theodat

Country Manager Haiti

Morian Chiluvane

321 Product Manager Mozambique

Guillaume Sauval

Country Director Madagascar

Chiluba Ng’ambi

Program Manager Malawi

Temoteo Tembe

Project Manager Mozambique

Paul Ziade

Country Manager Senegal

Nathalie Ranaivo-Harisoa

Director of Programs Madagascar

Theodora Muduli

321 Product Manager Zambia

Maged Maurice

Senior Project Manager - Design & Implementation Francophone Hub Tunisia

Manou Ny Haja

321 Product Manager Madagascar

Hicham El Haddad

Country Manager Morocco

Ousmane Kone

Program Manager Senegal

Sonia Gwesela

Country Director Mozambique

Guy Mondjii

Country Director Nigeria

Maureen Ugochuku

Director of Programs Nigeria

Mubanga Chilufya

Country Manager Zambia

Kelvin Iweluegim

Program Manager Nigeria

When Carol Mwape, a 29 year old female from Southern Province, Zambia testified that she was able to manage a Covid-19 patient from home, with guidance from the 321 hotline messages, that’s the point I felt an affirmation within me that we are impacting livelihoods out there to make informed decisions.

Mubanga Chilufya

Country Manager Zambia

Reading the qualitative interviews conducted to appreciate the impact of the messages distributed across Mozambique through our 321 service made me aware how much of the information gap is out there and how we, through this project, were able to contribute to the national effort in raising awareness and fighting the pandemic.

Fabrice Romeo

Director of Program, Viamo, Mozambique

We’re happy that through the 3-2-1 hotline, we have reached 789,858 people in Madagascar by giving them useful information related to health issues as well as job losses or local authorities functions to help them face the COVID-19 crisis. Besides that, we have trained 1,770 community health workers by sending them training content on their simple mobile phones and broadcasted 127 radio dramas episodes on COVID-19 prevention and secondary effects. We are proud to say that this project was a success.

Mubanga Chilufya

Guillaume Sauval, Country Director, Viamo, Madagascar

Hearing a 19 year old comment on how the messages helped her prevent pregnancies at a time when schools were closed due to Covid19 made me appreciate the impact of the CallvsCorona project on the lives of people. In Malawi where about half of the women bear children before 18 years of age, such positive feedback goes a long way in showing the relevance of the campaign in real lives.

Margaret Sadrake

Country Manager, Viamo, Malawi

“I once had Covid 19 and 667 has really helped me on how to take care of myself and others. Also on how to wash your hands frequently and isolate myself from others if feeling unwell and seek medical care, if needed.

Mr. Mulenga

CallvsCorona Zambia User

I’m always amazed by how much power information has, in the midst of so much disinformation a simple mobile solution is able to provide a commendable opponent. Our qualitative interviews showed that we even had listeners turned into info-powered citizens who were confident enough to refuse the misinformation shared by their local leaders. The ability to reach the rural parts of Haiti with valuable key messages that over 12 months of other national interventions were not, is simply amazing.

Regine Theodat

Haiti Country Manager

I learnt on how to prevent myself from Corona virus by keeping a distance of at least 1 meter apart from others and disinfecting frequently after I touched objects. And also on how to take care of a sick person.

Ms. Sheila

CallvsCorona Zambia User

Information on mental health really helped as I have been greatly affected by covid 19 as i have lost my job.

Yesaya 34

Malawi, Lilongwe, CallvsCorona Malawi User

A woman receiving the “321 ho anao” outbound calls, informing her of the content she could listen to on the 321 service.

A young mother learning how to best take care of her family during lockdown, through the 321 service.

Young man listening to the audio games on the 321 service.

A Chief of health center staying up to date with the coronavirus news through the 321 service.

A young couple accessing the 321 service to check how they could deal with the coronavirus side effects on their lives.

A community health worker listening to the remote training to refresh her COVID knowledge.

A man listening to the 321 service during his work break.

Woman listening to the radio dramas available on the 321 service.

Two sisters are listening to 321 Service while preparing lunch.

Smart Facts

Facts about CallvsCorona

574,733 people in Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Haiti have listened to CallvsCorona messages.

19 FM radio stations on in Madagascar launched CallvsCorona radio dramas.

1,000 Community health workers were trained on prevention and the handling of Covid-19 in Madagascar.

Over 5 million listeners were reached with COVID-19 content daily.